TERRA2: Portfolio Transactions, Geospatial & Right of Way Professionals!

TERRA2 specializes in transitional management of sites focused around the telecommunications industry. By integrating industry professionals, with the latest technology TERRA2 is able to provide successful solutions for Telecommunication and cellular providers. The TERRA2 portfolio of services include:

  • Site Selection 
  •  Site Acquisition
  • Geospatial solutions
  • Right-of-way procurement


The Staff of TERRA2 is highly specialized and provides proven experience and services, based on individual project requirements. With Attorneys, project managers, site selection specialists and geospatial staff on board, TERRA2 is a multidisciplinary organization suited for todays telecom environment.


Our integrated solutions deliver tangible benefits to our clients including:


  • Cost Reduction 
  • Legal and Regulatory improved compliances
  • Revenue Enhancement 
  • Increased Speed to Market

While focusing on client needs, TERRA2 delivers successful results, on time and within budget. 


Transaction MAnagement

By leveraging the strength of our portfolio management system (TERRA2 Tracker) TERRA2 is able to efficiently administer the transactional management of our customers portfolio. This transactional-based tool allows TERRA2 to gather and maintain our customers activities or data as it relates to site selection and acquisition, right-of-way procurement and potential geospatial solution.

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geospatial specialists

Geospatial mapping for fiber optic network using ESRI

The geospatial specialists at TERRA2 utilize the latest mapping technology in conjunction with the TERRA2 management system to deliver mapping application

that assist in the cost effective management of our customer’s portfolio. Through a combination of real time dashboard analytics and mapping applications TERRA2 is positioned to leverage the latest technology available to service the needs of our customers.


Railroad tracks and telegraph line showing Union Pacific Railroad was a telecommunications company

The right of way specialists at TERRA2  are professionals and provide the experience  to acquire what you need, when you need it.  

  • ROW Easements
  • Brick and Mortar Sites
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Any Permits your project requires